Allegheny Front Alliance

Jason Whitlock’s Keyser

The Allegheny Front represents a unique corner of the WV Potomac Highlands and Western Maryland.

Picture here is the City of Keyser, where over 8,000 residents will live less than 3 miles from this project site.

  • photo credit: Jason Whitlock (Keyser) Summer 2009

AFA  Mission statement:

The Allegheny Front Alliance seesk “to protect the Allegheny Front’s cultural and natural environment.”

The Allegheny Front is a region combining natural, cultural, historical, recreational resources into this distinct landscape The Allegheny Front joins landscapes of farm and community, valley and mountain ridges, earth and sky, offering a unique experience.

AFA is a legal state incoroproation organized of community friends, neighbors, and regional leaders interested in protecting the Allegheny Front from the destructive developpment of industrial wind trubines.

AFA welcomes you participation. Thank you.


Frank O’Hara
94 Orchard Street
Keyser, WV 26726
(304) 788-5112

3 Responses to Allegheny Front Alliance

  1. Richard L Braithwaite says:

    The noise from the Pinacle Wind Farm is so bad that you cannot get away from it by going into the house. It is so loud that you cannot even sleep at night. Anyone who thinks windmills are quiet should pull into my driveway and listen. My address is Richard L Braithwaite Rt 4 Box 511A Keyser WV 26726. I live on Tasker Road.
    Richard L Braithwaite

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