GE and Mitsibushi still battling over wind turbine patent.

The GE lawsuit against Mitsibushi, which began some two years ago, is headed for a Texas jury trial.  GE claims the Japanese wind turbine maker has infringed on patents related to 2.4 MW turbines sold to Iberdrola – the Spanish wind company – and US based Edison Mission, owner of the Pinnacle wind project in Mineral County WV.

I’m not sure if the incredibly noisy, never used near homes before, 2.4 MW Mitsubishi turbines installed at our local Pinnacle bat and migratory bird processing facility are among the 179 at the center of this ongoing lawsuit, but I can guarantee that GE wouldn’t be suing to secure an exclusive on the problems the Japanese contraptions have regarding sound.  Why, Edison Mission is going so far as to attempt to develop a muffler system for the Pinnacle turbines in an effort to reduce the noise levels.  For the sake of my neighbors living on the mountain with the turbines, I hope they’re successful.

By the way, according to the Bloomberg article, once this case is decided, Mitsubishi may well sue GE for using the patents to monopolize the market.

You have to wonder why these companies would spend all this money on lawyers and court costs.  Why don’t they just wait until the wind business dies and they can just each sell their poor performing clunkers for scrap value?  After all … if governments around the world continue to halt subsidies, it won’t be long until wind turbines find their rightful place alongside dinosaur bones in the Smithsonian.

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