Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 27, 2012

Items of interest:

1:”the noise is being created not by the turbines themselves, but by cooling units inside the nacelle”News-Tribune

According to Charlie Parnell, an Edison spokesman, “tests have shown that the noise levels fall within the requirements set forth by the West Virginia Public Service Commission.”

Then it seems logical, since this noise level is impacting the quality of life of neighbors, the PSC noise requirements need reassessed.

2:”Behind Iberdrola’s Portland layoffs: expiring wind power tax credits, declining demand, overloaded grid, cheap natural gas.” REVE

Of course, the Portland Mayor has an easy solution … taxpayers have to cough up more money to make the wind folks wealthier.

3:A recent personal property tax ruling that will cost Michigan counties millions of dollars in revenue could prove vital for utility companies and energy manufacturers around the state.Great Lakes Echo

Interesting approach since additional revenue and new jobs are the key selling points to county officials in the project approval stage.

4:General Electric CFO Keith Sherin blames energy sector profit drop on the wind.Wind Power Monthly (h/t AFA)

If only taxpayers would kick in a little more toward wind subsidies. GE could make a larger profit on their wind division.  Then the government would get taxes from the GE profits.  Wait … what?  GE doesn’t pay taxes?

5:Spain’s government suspended subsidies for new renewable energy plants as part of the administration’s efforts to curb the budget deficit. – Bloomberg Business Week

It’s a darn good thing the US doesn’t have money problems:


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