Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 25, 2012

Items of interest:

1:Excellent commentary by Jon BooneMasterResource

2:GE Courts Turbine Customers for Solar Before Wind ‘Crash’Business Week

aka: If you buy in the next 30 minutes, we throw in a set of beautiful steak knives!

3:Hmmm … definition of “renewable” now includes Bloom Energy’s natural-gas powered fuel cell generators.Delaware Online

Also interesting that this project has changed hands twice … before start up.

4:In local news: Edison Mission Group has commenced commercial operations on the Pinnacle wind farm at NewPage located on Green Mountain in the US.EBR

If by commenced you mean that at 10:51 am: #23 is turning; #22-21-20-19-18 not turning; #17-16 turning; #15-14-13-12 not turning; #11 turning, #10-9-8-7-6-5 not turning.  Couldn’t see the other 4 my current vantage point.  Superb!

Oh!  11:14 am … as I release this post, nothing changed.

5:Oh … and another local issue:  The Mineral County (WV) commissioners on Tuesday approved the signing of the decommissioning fund and escrow agreement for Pinnacle Wind Farm LLC.Times-News

Unless the signed agreement includes a dramatically increased escrow amount, the County Commission has placed the residents of this fair county in financial jeopardy.  And don’t say the Commissioners were not warned.

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