Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 13, 2012

Items of interest:

1:More Sierra Club nonsense, “Edison should put that money into cleaner energy sources such as wind power.”Tribune Democrat

Well discuss that failed logic in a separate, full post.

2:I find headlines like this hilariousWind farm financing found

By the way … it appears the installations are scheduled to be completed before subsidies run out.  Otherwise, I suspect the “search” would still be on.

3:”Colorado has been spared a large hit in the first round of firings by Danish wind-turbine-maker Vestas Wind Systems, but large job cuts loom later this year.” – Denver Post

Of course Colorado was spared in the first round of cuts!  As any good negotiator knows, you can’t let the hostage go until after the deal is struck!  If they did, this threat from Vestas would be worthless, “There could, however, be a cut of 1,600 jobs in the U.S. later this year if a production tax credit is not renewed by Congress, Ditlev Engle, Vestas’ chief executive, said at a news conference Thursday in Copenhagen.

4:”Since the results would not yield enough energy to break even, economically, for at least ten years, the town has decided against wind power.” – Northborough Patch


5:Interesting article about Germany’s neighbors proceeding with nuclear energy as they themselves move awaySpiegel Online

Notable comment from the article:  “The country (Germany) has sought to establish an energy future for Europe centered on renewable, rather than nuclear, electricity. Already, this goal has been undermined by German electricity shortages in the wake of its nuclear shutdown, sometimes forcing Germany to import electricity from neighboring countries that use nuclear power.”

6:And this week’s award for the dumbest comment published anywhere in the world goes to:  Earth Justice

The winning comment:  “California’s utilities must first employ energy efficiency and conservation to meet customer demand; then energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal. Only after all those supplies are exhausted may the utilities purchase power from fossil fuel plants.”

Are we now saying renewable sources will be “exhausted” as well?  We’re doomed!

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