Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 12, 2012

Items of interest:

1:”Japan wind power installations to drop 68% as subsidies halted”Eco-Business

2:”When you add up grants, subsidies, loans, and tax credits that have been helping the solar and wind industries along, then add in mandates that require utilities to buy renewable power at set prices from the alternative energy producers for decades, you are left with an industry that is wholly dependent on taxpayers, not on its own technology’s capabilities.”Credit Writedowns

3:Vestas, “the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, said Thursday it will shed more than 2,300 jobs or 10% of its work force, close one of its 26 factories, and reshuffle senior management in a cost-cutting plan that fell short of wide-reaching changes investors think may be necessary to guarantee the company’s long-term future.” Wall Street Journal

Here comes the kicker – “Vestas also warned Thursday that if U.S. lawmakers fail to extend a renewable-energy subsidy, known as the production tax credit, which expires by the end of 2012, it could lead to the layoff of an additional 1,600 employees in the U.S. Vestas will start preparing for a possible scale-down of U.S. operations later in 2012

Translation:  We need US taxpayer money in order to make a profit! (See Item 2)

4:Bird deaths from wind power prompts call for changeNatural Resource Report

We don’t believe these energy impostors should be placed anywhere on planet earth, let alone in critical habitat.  The very least the USFWS should demand adherence to the Endangered Species Act and require the whining wind profiteers to seek an Incidental Take Permit, which, of course includes a Habitat Conservation Plan.  After all, is it too much to ask a federal agency charged with protecting animals to actually do so?

5:Cool! – The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Data in user friendly format 

You can almost see the emission levels drop due to the thousands of US industrial wind turbines! (Just Kidding!)

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