Do GE wind turbines really suck that much?

In a continuing effort to generate American jobs, First Wind has selected Germany based Siemens to supply some 30 massive turbines for the Kawailoa Wind project located on the North Shore of Oahu.

First Wind noted that the Siemens equipment (which is to be placed on US soil) is “both the best technological and economic fit for the project site,” which I might otherwise interpret as … US based GE turbines suck and they’re way too expensive.  But then, that’s why I’m not in sales.

Interestingly enough, according to Market Watch, “the project is scheduled to begin construction in late 2011.”  Probably just a coincidence that the project will then allow First Wind to to belly up to the 1603 Grant bar and suck down several million taxpayer dollars.

Readers might recall that Germany’s Siemens, along with Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were selected to supply the turbines for two Duke Energy projects in Texas slated to begin construction by … wait for it … December 2011, coincidentally just in time to belly up to the 1603 Grant bar and suck down several million taxpayer dollars.

We suggested before that you contact your elected officials to ask if they feel comfortable handing your hard-earned tax money to foreign enterprises.  If you haven’t, there’s still time!  You can reach your representative here, and your senators here, and President Obama here.

They love hearing from you!  It’s true … they told me so.

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