Taxpayer dollars = wind business profits.

Thanks to Jon Boone for directing us to a stunning article by Paul Chesser, associate fellow for the National Legal and Policy Center and executive director of American Tradition Institute.

In the article, Mr. Chesser points out that, “Duke has been on a wind and solar farm-buying and building spree in order to: capture grants from the Recovery Act; capitalize on states’ incentives and tax credits; collect Department of Energy research and development grants and contracts; and accelerate depreciation on the facilities so as to shield more of its income from taxation.”

The full article is found at this link:  Duke’s Rogers: Wind Subsidies Yield Big Profits

Readers might note that this comes on the heels of our post concerning Duke Energy’s hefty purchase of Japanese and German turbines for its Los Vientos Windpower Project in Willacy County, Texas projects which, coincidentally, are scheduled to begin construction in December of 2011 … just in time to belly up to the 1603 Grant bar and suck down several million taxpayer dollars.

C’mon Duke, at least Jesse had the courtesy to wear a mask!

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