Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 30, 2011

Items of interest:

1:  Aw, shucks! “A report commissioned by ScottishPower concludes that reducing subsidies 25 percent will render the (1,000 land-based) turbines a loss maker for investors instead of just rate and taxpayers.”CFACT EU

2-And more on handouts abroad: “Given the Dutch government’s controversial decision to indefinitely delay its next offshore wind tender, many in the industry believed that what could be the country’s final offshore wind subsidy should have gone to a domestic company.”Recharge

3-No … really? “Complaints that the renewable energy industry creates relatively few jobs is probably accurate, say energy and economic experts.”National Journal

4-Yes … we used to be ahead of the curve:  “While the U.S. is dumping billions of dollars into wind farms and onshore and offshore wind turbines, this energy source is being cast aside as a failure elsewhere in the world.”FrontPageMag

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