Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 18, 2011

Items of interest:

1-SCHNARE: Campaign advice for ‘all of the abovers’Washington Times

(h/t – Larry Thomas – Allegheny Highlands Alliance)

2-Exactly when did it become the role of the Secretary of the Interior to market a commercial product?

Salazar Pushing Industrial Wind this Thursday in Orono – Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine

3-If you can answer Item 2, then maybe you can tell me how promoting “offshore” wind sites is part of the Secretary of the Interior’s role.

“Rhode Island is poised to be very much at the point of the spear in developing offshore wind,” (Interior Secretary Ken) Salazar said. – TimesUnion online

4-Oh, but wait … Salazar, who is responsible to protect the interests of Native Americans, was pushing wind in their burial grounds, against their wishes, some time back.  Maybe the Interior Department is actually a wing of the Commerce Department?

AT Flashback – Perhaps Secretary Salazar should name the Cape Wind project in honor of Andrew Jackson.

5-“Research on the migration habits and habitats of Golden Eagles in eastern North America and western Virginia and West Virginia was the subject of a presentation at the recent VSO Board meeting in Highland County. Concern about wind turbine proliferation is a motivation for the research.” – Rick Webb – VA Wind

And, as we posted before:  Location-Location-Location-Migration-Migration-Migration

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