Courtesy of the wind: power blackouts.

This is interesting:  “Germany faces frequent power blackouts because too much ‘green electricity’ is being pumped onto the grid.”

Yep!  According to Deutsche Welle,  “in extreme cases, wind turbines and conventional power plants in eastern Germany produce three to four times the total amount of electricity actually being used.”

No, don’t get carried away thinking this proves the power of wind energy.  It’s simply a matter of not being able to control industrial wind as you can fossil fuels and nuclear.  When the wind is howling you get electricity, when it’s not … you don’t!  It’s a Mother Nature thing and a reason why industrial wind is such a foolish option for reliable electricity generation.  Remember the UK Grid leader speaking of how you can expect poor service once wind is the major contributor?  Remember that he said lifestyles would have to change?  Welcome to the jungle!

The article reminds us that when “on demand” sources of electricity generation were utilized before subsidies made wind the darling of the snake oil set, electricity generation was based on demand.  You need it they made it!

Of course, just as the astoundingly ignorant politicians and bureaucrats here in the US have done, the Germans have set goals for renewables that they feel they must meet, even if it corrupts the grid, blasts consumer costs into the sky or brings manufacturing to its knees.

Read the full article here – Wind energy surplus threatens eastern German power grid

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