Wind Turbines – The Test of Time (video)

We thank Joan & John Terry for this video, which is the result of their personal effort to compare the conflicting claims of wind power advocates and wind power detractors.  The Terrys describe their trip as “an unofficial, unscientific eleven thousand mile trip visiting numerous wind turbine installations in nine states and Canada (WI, MN, ND, Alberta, OR, WA, WY, NB, IA, IL in that order) in the fall of 2010.”

This video provides a sampling of noisy turbines, some of which were poorly maintained and some apparently wearing due to age.  The clips are intentionally long enough to give the viewer a sense of what it might be like to listen to these machines day and night.

Contrary to claims made by the wind developers and the wind lobby, there is clear evidence that the health of residents living close to the turbines may be negatively impacted.

The Terrys offered this comment … “All we know is what our eyes saw, our ears heard and our cameras recorded, informed by conversations we had with individuals whose lives have been changed by the construction of turbine towers close to their homes.”

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1 Response to Wind Turbines – The Test of Time (video)

  1. Jimmy T says:

    What is up with the flapping nacelle doors? I visited Backbone Mtn in the wee hours of the morning to experience wind turbine noise in the absence of vertical air movement. I noted a horrible banging noise that didn’t seem appropriate for the wooshing of the blades. As the sun came up I could see that door opening and closing with each rotation.

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