“Russia wants to supply all of China’s gas needs.” And the US? We’re pushing windmills!

In case you haven’t been reading the daily Breaking Wind and other posts about the Russia – China cooperation, you may want to go back a bit and catch up.

A few days ago we decided to focus a bit on the United States push to the bottom with renewables in light of soon to be Russian President Putin’s statements that, other than Nuclear, all other renewables are “claptrap.”

We’re working on a summary to piece it together, but the topic is so fast and fluid it’s hard to know when to stop and post.

Until then, take a look at this little ditty from NBC 7, Boston:  Russia wants to supply all of China’s gas needs

Russia is the world’s biggest energy producer and China is the world’s largest energy consumer, overtaking the United States last year.”

Russia and China split bitterly 50 years ago over interpretations of communist ideology. In recent years, their relationship has warmed but they remain divided by culture and a preference in both capitals for acting independently.

Both see themselves as rivals to Washington and all three are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

Excellent!  And what energy strategy are we pursuing?

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1 Response to “Russia wants to supply all of China’s gas needs.” And the US? We’re pushing windmills!

  1. jon Boone says:

    It’s not just China. Russia seeks to build up nuclear internally, then sell as much of its abundant natural gas to as many European nations that will by it, such as England, Germany, Italy, in the process making them dependent upon Russia in ways that could never be achieved militarily. Russia relies on continued European recalcitrance about nuclear, and hopes it will continue to push renewables, which are, as Putin stated, “claptrap.” In addition to increasing Russian national security, the policy will also reap incredible wealth.

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