President Putin in 2012? Bet your legacy on it!

Readers might recall a post from a couple of days ago when we quoted Vladimir Putin saying, “Nuclear energy only alternative to oil, gas.” Rejects other alternative energy approaches as “claptrap.”

Well, he told the Valdai International Discussion Club that “nuclear energy is the only alternative to traditional energy sources.”  He noted that “You couldn’t transfer large electric power stations to wind energy, however much you wanted to. In the next few decades, it will be impossible.“  He said nuclear energy is the only “real and powerful alternative” to oil and gas.  He rejects other alternative energy approaches as “claptrap.”

Well, guess who’s running for President in 2012?  Better yet, with changes made under his place holder Medvedev, the Constitution now permits six year terms, “meaning that, if elected in 2012, Putin is likely to rule Russia until 2024.”  If elected???  Anyone doubt that, if Putin runs – Putin wins?

So, while the Unites States continues its slide into renewable energy oblivion, Russia will be building nuclear facilities for themselves, and for their “client” states.  China, in the meantime, will continue its misdirection ploy to battle Europe and the misguided US to take over the industrial wind market while simultaneously constructing any and all forms of meaningful energy production necessary to blow past the US as the worlds largest economy.

The US needs to assist its own move toward nuclear power by immediately upgrading current fossil fuel production methods and increasing natural gas usage.  The focus of taxpayer investments must be directed toward research efforts on truly advanced energy sources.  The resources now being wasted on ineffective and unreliable wind and solar technologies must be stopped, and we must get back into the business of producing power which is available as needed.

If not, the youngsters you’ve “protected” with the illusion of wind as the savior of their universe will perhaps take a break from mopping up your energy mess long enough to visit your tiny plot and wonder how such a silly creature managed to survive on its own for as long as you did.  As they learn of the profiteering you permitted and how you squandered their financial future on these ridiculous technologies, your legacy will be forever tarnished, and justifiably so.

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