Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 16, 2010 (Updates throughout the day.)

Items of interest:

1-Guess who’s back with tin cup in hand? (thanks for the tip, AFA!)

Urge Immediate Senate Action on a National Renewable Electricity Standard

Well, before you make that call to your elected official consider thisthisthis and this … oh … and this.

2-If you haven’t visited Dr. Nina Pierpont’s informative web site, you really need to do so!

Wind Turbine Syndrome

3-“by buying in … you once again are supporting and add false credibility to, a significant environmental destruction

To CVPS (Central Vermont Public Service): Steer clear of wind – Rutland Herald

4-Industrial wind solution logic: If we make you really sick, we buy your home and you get out.

Wind turbine rule can be revised, panel says; Change would address possible health effects – National Wind Watch

5-Solution to the industrial wind problem – elections!

Neebing candidates oppose wind farm plans – Wind Concerns Ontario

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1 Response to Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 16, 2010 (Updates throughout the day.)

  1. Frank O'Hara says:

    Hello folks,

    Why not have some fun with those folks (Big Industrial Wind, aka, AWEA) that are holding and shaking their tin cup around. Log on to their site, and send your elected officals a message that you do not support the RES (Renewable Energy Standards)

    Just delete their little message, and replace it with your own message. It is that simple.

    Consider that Big Industrial Wind has the big bucks to spend on the public relations and outreach marketing, why not reverse their efforts.

    If you have other ideas to Break Wind…please share….

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