Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 15, 2010 (Updates throughout the day.)

Interesting items:

1-Industrial wind math … 22=6.6

Maine Voices: Spruce Mountain wind project falls far short of what people should expect – The Portland Press Herald

2-Misleading statements from a wind developer?  Impossible! Incredible! Unlikely! Hmmm!

Maine wind proponents misinformedKaren Bessey Pease at the Bangor Daily News

3-Wind backer calls radar controversy “political.”  Wait, I thought he meant when the pro-wind Oregon Senator held the White House and DOD hostage.

Wind backer charges politics in radar debate – Your Abilene On-line

4-Noise, few jobs, environmental destruction, feeble power generation and paid for by the taxpayers … C’mon, Oregon!  What’s not to like?

Storm over wind energy brews in Union County – The Democrat Herald

5-“The Department of Energy projects that wind power production capacity will more than double by 2014 fueled by federal tax subsidies, economic recovery stimulus spending, and state renewable energy mandates.”  Translated, that would be “your money” and “your money” and regulations demanding “your money.

Wind Turbines Are Beautiful … but a tad expensive. – Reason

6-oh! … and then there’s this from that pesky Robert Bryce:

Wind Energy’s Real Problems: (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With The Wall Street Journal) – Energy Tribune

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