UK’s Telegraph: “Long a role model for green activists,” Denmark has become “one of the first countries to turn against the (wind) turbines.”

Jon Boone called our attention to this little reported issue last week.  Now the UK’s Andrew Gilligan has picked up on the story in today’s Telegraph article “An ill wind blows for Denmark’s green energy revolution

Mr. Gilligan’s article seems an excellent summary of issues Mr. Boone and other US experts have been making for years.  A few key points from the article:

  • Danes pay some of Europe’s highest energy tariffs – on average, more than twice those in Britain. Under public pressure, Denmark’s ruling Left Party is curbing the handouts to the wind industry.
  • “People are fed up with having their property devalued and sleep ruined by noise from large wind turbines,” says the association’s president, Boye Jensen Odsherred. “We receive constant calls from civic groups that want to join.”
  • Wind’s key disadvantage – in Denmark, as elsewhere – is its unpredictability and uncontrollability. Most of the time, the wind does not blow at the right speeds to generate electricity. And even when it does, that is often at times when little electricity is needed – in the middle of the night, for instance.
  • “They (Denmark) don’t get 20 per cent of their electricity from wind. The truth is that a much larger unit, consisting of Denmark and Germany, has managed to get about 7 per cent – and that only because of a fortuitous link with Norwegian and Swedish hydropower.”

Be sure to read Mr. Gilligan’s full column at this link.

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1 Response to UK’s Telegraph: “Long a role model for green activists,” Denmark has become “one of the first countries to turn against the (wind) turbines.”

  1. sandcanyongal says:

    Tehachapi, CA here. There are multiple wind/solar/geothermal projects in the works. Foreign vendors and financiers have received cash ITC funds. One is Oak Creek Power, Inc. a Japanese company, Marubeni with controlling share of the largest wind project in the U.S. through acquisitions. &$1-2-Bill-(1).aspx
    Another of their’s is Ivanpah Solar, along with an Israeli company. Look at this investment co, parting the Red Sea just like God instructed Moses. Sheer arrogance.
    Per the article., 79% of the stimulus funds are going overseas.
    The people in the United States are starving while energy vendors are having a spending spree on our money. Each $1 trillion dollar amounts for $3000 for every man, woman and child, and how many trillion are we up to now?
    The U.S. Federal Deficit is when government spending is greater than revenue received for that year. In Fiscal Year 2011, the budget deficit will be $1.267 trillion. The FY 2010 deficit was $1.57 trillion.

    The U.S. Federal Debt is over $13 trillion. This is more than double the debt in 2000, which was $6 trillion.
    The stimulus funds were expected to fix deteriorating bridges and roads. Instead, Kern County has changed zoning throughout the Mojave desert and all of eastern Kern to Industrial, Commercial and Residential zoning. This is treason, collusion and crimes against the sovereign people. It’s time to create a tribunal to try these crooks.

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