“the wind industry is a house of cards built on a foundation of sand.”

Thanks to Jon Boone for referring us to this excellent commentary by Steve Goreham at Energy Tribune  – “Wind Energy’s House of Cards

Citing specific examples, Mr. Goreham defines the wind industry as “a global industry based entirely on subsidies, price guarantees, and mandates,” Mr. Goreham notes that “wind generation systems are not deployed anywhere in the world without extensive government financial or mandated support.”

Mr. Goreham also challenges the much touted Denmark as an example of wind’s poor performance noting that, “over the last 20 years, Denmark has installed 5,100 wind towers, one for every thousand citizens” and “in 2009, these towers provided only 767 megawatts of electricity, less than the output of a single conventional coal-fired power plant.”

Read Mr. Goreham’s full commentary here.

AT Note:  Perhaps, as wind advocates suggest, we should look to Denmark for answers, although they might not be exactly the answers the wind industry would want us to find.

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