Industrial wind pricing logic: Hey! If the Government gives us $600 million in tax credits, we won’t rip you off nearly as much.

The article at Indian Country Today is titled, “Cape Wind costs murky.”  Seems to us that’s part of the plan.  Confusion is industrial wind’s best friend.

A senior manager with W. Robert Patterson & Associates, an independent management consultant specializing in the energy supply, utility, and alternative fuels industries is quoted in the article stating, “In the National Grid filing at DPU, they have sealed not only Cape Wind’s costs but also the market analysis that the consultants to National Grid used to help prepare the contract between National Grid and Cape Wind. They don’t want anybody to know how bad this deal is.”

The same indepent consultant issued a report in July called “The True Cost of Cape Cod” suggesting that “projected Cape Wind costs would add $1.5 million a year to the expense budgets of cities and towns across Massachusetts – the equivalent of 25 jobs in each community or 3,400 jobs across the state.”

What is very clear is that the Cape Wind project is banking on $600 million in tax credits from federal stimulus funds.  So, yes … each US taxpayer will be on the hook for this boondoggle. 

Think we can afford it?



Don’t think you’re the only one taken in by the confusion?

Much more about the Cape Wind project here: Save Our Sound

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