Senator Brownback’s call for Renewable Energy Standard amendment challenged.

MasterResource presents Tom Stacy‘s “Open Letter to Senator Brownback on His Support for a Federal Renewable Energy Standard.”

Mr. Stacy notes that, “US Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) displays a national debt clock on his home page and is a proclaimed conservative. Yet he supports wasteful government spending on deployment of impotent technologies like wind energy.”

Mr. Stacy requests that Senator Brownback “not rely on faith in the promises of ideologues or those with a stake in the growth of the wind industry. Demand measured, scientific proof of efficacy, and an honest analysis of all costs – including ripple effect costs – from truly unbiased sources with no financial stake in their analysis.

Confirming that support of industrial wind is not a partisan position, the MasterResource Editor notes, “Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) removed a federal renewable mandate from the energy bill now under debate. However, Sen. Brownback of Kansas has indicated his intention to add an amendment to the bill resurrecting such a mandate.

As Jon Boone’s comment suggests, “Nothing exemplifies the rot at the core of our political culture like the ongoing bipartisan rush to the bottom in support of wind technology subsidies. For those who think the Obama Administration is pushing wind as part of a “liberal” agenda, let me suggest they look at the recent activities of former president George W. Bush, who is now a poster boy for the American Wind Energy Association:  As governor of Texas, Bush signed into law one of the early RPS bills, then appointed the head of the Texas Public Utility Commission, Pat Wood, to “put in place non-discriminatory transmission policies,” assuring wind would not pay its fair share of the costs of doing business.

Sam Brownback is merely securing pride of place at the public trough, joining colleagues like North Dakota’s Byron Dorgan and Chuck Grassley from Iowa, among many others on both sides of the aisle–from Boxer to Snowe, from Mikulski to Landrieu. And, hey, let’s not forget Lindsey Graham.

Using public funds to pimp for the wind welfare queen brings us all together, in the process corrupting the heart and soul of our body politic.

We hope you will consider doing as Mr. Stacy suggests:  “write, visit or call local, state or federal officials, and patiently educating them, as well as your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, to the ineffectiveness and unaffordability of forcing wind energy into an efficient electrical grid system at the federal level.”

Contact information for your federal officials is found at these links: United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.

By the way, if you think we can afford to spend billions supporting this “impotent technology,” take a look – U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time.

As of 1:45 Eastern, here’s where we stood:

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