New York Times resolves Cape Wind dispute with Native Americans – for $24 and a box of beads.

I don’t know why Ken Salazar is having such difficulty deciding the Cape Wind issue, except for the fact that it is a horrible investment in our energy’s future, will cost taxpayers and customers a fortune and will not meet any of the goals forecast.  A simple no seems reasonable to us!

We do know that resolving the issue of constructing massive wind turbines in the middle of land Native Americans hold dear has been a real dilemma for the Secretary.  Well, it was until the descendants of the Manhattan Dutch working at the NY Times came up with this little gem in their editorial of April 25 – Cape Wind and Mr. Salazar:

“In addition, and more problematically for Mr. Salazar, two Indian tribes have said that Nantucket Sound is of great cultural and spiritual significance to them and that building the turbines could disturb ancestral burial grounds on lands that were above water thousands of years ago.

Mr. Salazar’s own department is divided on the matter. The National Park Service believes the tribes have a case; the Minerals Management Service says the project should proceed.

Mr. Salazar could ease the blow for the Indian tribes with financial compensation.”

Seemingly stuck in the class system of the 1600’s, these editors seem to be saying, Give ’em a few bucks and they’ll go away  They can’t be serious about that “heritage” stuff anyway!  It’s not like they go down there to visit or anything! Oh, you gotta love the Gray Lady.

Now, I don’t know about you … but if I were a Native American fighting to save hundreds of years of heritage, I might think twice before I renew my subscription to the “newspaper of record.”

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