James Hall, in his recent report at the Science & Public Policy Institute opened with this:  “Financial scandals are not new. Schemes to leverage risk and cheat the public are mainstays of the mad “Cap and Trade” stratagem, in the ongoing war, against genuine free enterprise. The latest ploy is the industrial wind swindle.

Featured prominently in the must read report is Jon Boone, mentor to Allegheny Treasures and prolific author of many works we’ve been honored to publish.  Mr. Boone’s quotes in the piece come from several of his works including Why Wind Won’t WorkLess For More: The Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind Development and A Conversation with Jon Boone – Toward a Better Understanding of Industrial Wind Technology.

Mr. Boone’s excellent web site – Stop Ill Wind – is an internationally recognized resource dedicated to the understanding of industrial wind’s impact on our world.

Also featured is Mr. Glenn Schleede, a friend to Allegheny Treasures we’ve also had the great pleasure to publish.  Mr. Schleede’s excellent work, “THE TRUE COST OF ELECTRICITY FROM WIND IS ALWAYS UNDERESTIMATED AND ITS VALUE IS ALWAYS OVERESTIMATED” is referenced by Mr. Hall to discuss industrial wind’s impact on consumers.

We highly recommend Mr. Hall’s report, “INDUSTRIAL WIND AND THE WALL STREET CAP AND TRADE FRAUD,” as well as the many excellent works of Mr. Boone and Mr. Schleede.

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