In another case of environmental suicide, approval given for wind farms in Ohio.

In a remarkable example of delegated ineptitude, regulators, enforcing the artificial goals established by Ohio legislators, approved industrial wind “farms” in two counties.

Legislators earlier established goals for the amount of industrial wind participation required in the energy mix.  The percentage selected was in no way based in science, yet drives regulators and administrators toward these “yank out of your ear” levels, in spite of evidence that industrial wind is a worthless participant in our energy’s future.

One wonders first how these folks find there way to work each day and then … why!

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Regulators have approved the first large-scale wind farms in Ohio.

The Ohio Power Siting Board approved plans yesterday by Hardin Wind Energy LLC to construct up to 200 wind turbines in Hardin County, about 50 miles northwest of Columbus.

Board Chairman Alan Schriber said the wind farm will play an integral role in assuring that Ohio meets new alternative energy standards. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

The board also approved plans by Buckeye Wind LLC to build up to 54 wind turbines in Champaign County, and it authorized JW Great Lakes Wind LLC to construct up to 27 wind turbines in Hardin County.

Under Ohio’s alternative-energy plan, 25 percent of electricity sold in the state must be generated from alternative energy sources by 2025.

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