Industrial wind shocker: Honoring CWEA request for subsidy parity, AWEA agrees to no longer accept taxpayer money. ha ha ha ha ha – Gotcha!

C’mon, you folks didn’t think there was any chance the American Wind Energy Association would agree to cut off the free flow of gimmies, did you?

What has the Canadian Wind Energy Association, our neighbor’s equivalent of the US lobby group American Wind Energy Association, all upset is the fact that their government made a “decision not to expand or extend the so-called ecoEnergy program — which delivered subsidies to renewable energy developers — in its new budget.”

They claim losing the cash will hurt their ability to compete for financing and jobs with their American competition.

Gee!  Makes you wonder, with the sudden increase of investment seekers rolling down from the Canadian market, maybe the AWEA members will tell the US Congress to cut back on the generosity a bit to save the taxpayers some money.

Let me know … I’ll be over here holding my breath.

Here’s the New York Times article:  Developers Lament Loss of Federal Wind Subsidies in Canada

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