Dr. Robert McMurtry discussion on the issue of wind turbines and health will live-stream on Monday 1/11/10 at 10 am est.

Please circulate!!!  Courtesy of our friends at Wind Concerns Ontario:

Hear this important discussion with Dr. Robert McMurtry at “ Live Stream 98 The Beach” on Monday, January 11, 2009  at 10:00 am est.

Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS

10:00 am (est) on Monday January 11

Live Stream 98 The Beach

Call in tollfree (Canada or US) 1-877-652-9800

On Monday, January 11th, you have the opportunity to hear Dr. Robert McMurtry comment on the issue of wind turbines and health. Dr. McMurtry is former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, a former Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Canada, a special advisor to the commissioner for the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, and a member of the Health Council of Canada, has also reviewed the of wind turbines and health.   After his review, Dr. McMurtry testified to the Ontario Legislative Assembly Standing Committee and stated to the committee (quoting from the Ontario Legislative Assembly Hansard):

Let me be clear, however, as to why I’m here. I’m here because of people who are suffering as a consequence of being near wind turbines. Adverse health effects are occurring as we speak.

My proposal is this: Authoritative guidelines must be developed, and the only way to do that is a well-designed epidemiological study conducted by arm’s length investigators, mutually agreeable to all sides. That must be done – as well as check for low frequency noise. In the meantime, let us listen to and help the victims. Anything less would be an abandonment of responsibility by government.

Discover for yourself why Dr. McMurtry, a distinguished physician, comes to a different conclusion than the “expert panel” commissioned by AWEA and CANWEA, who concluded that wind turbines do not pose a risk to human health, and there was no need for further studies.

This interview will be conducted by News Director John Divinski of radio station “98 the Beach” at 10:00 am (est) on Monday January 11, during his “Sounding Board” call in program.

Be sure to tune in!

By the way, if you haven’t visited the excellent Wind Concerns Ontario site, you’re missing a lot of great information.  As their lead states “Bringing Sanity to Wind Development in Ontario,” the site is dedicated to providing you with facts to understand the issues of industrial wind.

Wind Concerns Ontario is a coalition of 41 Citizen’s Groups from across 27 Counties/Districts in Ontario

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