“Well, We have to do something!!!”

While the great debate about energy is centered around developing new, and improving existing sources, it’s easy to forget that, with a little effort, individuals can contribute greatly to the conservation of energy and the reduction of emissions.  The gem provided below arrived in my mail courtesy of Art and Pam Dodds, designers of the piece.

Thanks to Art and Pam for thinking of us and for their continuing efforts to make our world a little better.

Pass it on!

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1 Response to “Well, We have to do something!!!”

  1. allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Thank you Pam and Art: Small is beautiful. The suggestions that are offered and if adopted do make a BIG Difference.

    AFA invites its readers to share favorite web links, that suggest wise energy use.

    Share you New Years resolution how you and your family is reducing energy consumption.


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