USFWS Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee Synthesis Workgroup, or Drafting Subcommittee – 6th Draft

Thanks to Art and Pam Dodds for alerting us to the availability of the 6th Draft of the USFWS Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee (which follows the text), and for providing us their introductory comments.  The Dodds are highly regarded for their contribution to a better understanding of the impact of industrial wind on the environment.

Comment begins:

We have provided public comment to the committee and we have provided additional written comments for several committee meetings, emphasizing that their basis is incorrect. We have researched the history of each member and have determined that all the members, except possibly one, promote wind energy. Some of the members are aware of the environmental problems which result from wind energy, but they are receiving research money from wind companies.

Additionally, in the first meeting, Dr. Paul Cryan of the USGS provided evidence that male bats have a mating behavior in which they fly to the highest tree. (His PowerPoint presentation is linked here for your convenience.)The male bats evidently regard the wind turbines as the highest tree and they fly upward, being slaughtered by the blades.  Please see, especially, page 67 of Dr. Cryan’s presentation and please note that the narrative is in the upper left corner if you point your “mouse” arrow on the icon on the slide.

Arthur and Pamela Dodds

Pamela C. Dodds, Ph.D., is a Registered Professional Geologist who has worked as a geologist/hydrogeologist for the Virginia DOT, Virginia DEQ, and an environmental firm near Bristol, Tennessee.  She has concentrated on groundwater contamination investigations and is currently conducting hydrological investigations in watersheds which will be impacted by industrial-scale wind turbine projects and by extensive high voltage transmission lines.  Dr. Dodds is also certified by the West Virginia DNR as a Master Naturalist.  Mrs. Dodds serves as Treasurer of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.

Arthur W. Dodds, Jr., is a professional cartographer who worked for NOAA as a supervisor managing the instrument approach procedures charts for airports throughout the U.S.  His credentials include training and management concerning the heights of objects which could impact flight patterns; electromagnetic field impacts on RADAR; and viewshed analysis.  Mr. Dodds is also certified by the West Virginia DNR as a Master Naturalist.  Mr. Dodds serves as President of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.

Note to readers:  Please write to the Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee to let them know their work is being monitored by people who understand that their basic premise is incorrect.

Send comments to the attention of:

Rachel London
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Habitat and Resource Conservation
4401 N. Fairfax Dr., Room 840
Arlington, VA  22203

Phone:  703-358-2161

6th Draft follows:

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