Follow-up email to Governor Manchin regarding monetary mitigation of industrial wind’s negative impact on historic sites.

What follows is text from an email sent December 7, 2009 to Governor Joe Manchin’s representative to express renewed urgency to our email sent to the Governor on November 17, 2009, linked here for your convenience.

We felt it important to highlight recent concerns raised at Brightside acres regarding rapidly developing events at Camp Allegheny, a historic Civil War site in Pocahontas County, WV.

Text of email begins:

Mon, Dec 07, 2009 10:17 am

I appreciate that it’s only been a few days, discounting weekends and Thanksgiving, since you received and replied to my email to the Governor regarding the matter of mitigation of historic sites.  Please understand this mail is not intended to express concern for the speed of your reply.  To the contrary, we appreciate that you indicated you would look into the matter and get back to us.

I do write today however, to express a new urgency regarding Camp Allegheny, a subject of my earlier email, and the information brought to light by Ms. Dawn Barrett of Pocahontas County.  I urge you to read her summary of the rapidly developing efforts of the State of Virginia to resolve the acknowledged serious negative impact the proposed industrial wind complex will have on historic Camp Allegheny.  Ms. Barrett’s comments can be found Brightside Acres EX A Ms. Barrett just wrote to Kathleen Kilpatrick, Director of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the text of which can be found here – at Brightside Acres EX B.

These cross border issues, if allowed to be settled with a pittance rather than corrective action, set a horrible precedent.  While the Governor can only direct the actions of West Virginia agencies, it will be his decision whether the state will protect historic sites in West Virginia or continue to permit “selling the rights” to them, that may influence our bordering states in their consideration of our request not to be negatively impacted by their decisions.  We recognize, with the push of opposing forces, it is a difficult circumstance for the Governor, and I don’t envy his position.

However, we recognize that the severe impact of industrial wind on our region must be considered in the aggregate, both within and in union with our neighbors.  It is our position that Governor Manchin should take the lead in perhaps forming a working group of neighboring Governors to deal with this issue at a level worthy of its importance to the environment, on which it has such a significant impact.  I understand Governor Manchin has taken steps to deal with the border location issue, but, unless those talks lead to a greater debate about cross border view-shed issues, an opportunity will be lost.

I can assure you we are not a small fringe of naysayers or NIMBYS wishing to hold back progress.  As exampled by Ms. Barrett, the individuals I work with on these matters, to a person, are very well informed, dedicated and have only the best interest of our state at heart.  Contrary to the developers of industrial wind, there is nothing to gain except to protect our state’s heritage from what many feel is the uncontrolled onslaught of industrial wind.  We are frankly concerned that some agencies are unprepared to deal with issues that have the potential to negatively alter our lands and cultures for decades to come.

We respectfully request that, as you assess our concerns regarding the West Virginia Division of Culture and History handling of the mitigation matter, you forward our urgent concern to the Governor regarding Camp Allegheny and ask that he consult immediately with Governor Kaine.  We respectfully request that the Governor also consider suspending all pending construction approvals for industrial wind within West Virginia until such time as a full evaluation of inter- and intra-state protection of historic sites and our ancient lands can be resolved.  As I wrote earlier, it is difficult for the State of West Virginia to request considerations from Virginia when not providing the same courtesy to Maryland.  Citizen groups are cooperating in such fashion and we hope that the Governors in the region will form the same cooperative spirit, under the leadership of Governor Manchin.

We are, of course, available to meet with you at a time of your convenience, or happy to provide any and all information you may require to assist you and the Governor to understand our concerns.

Thank you for your continued consideration,

Text of email ends.

We will publish replies from the Governor’s office as provided.

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