Confucius say, “adding more polluting coal-fired power plants is unavoidable if you want to be green.”

From Southern California Public Radio comes:  “China’s Wind Power Plans Turn On Coal.”

Ms. Louisa Lim writes, “Today, wind energy makes up a tiny percentage of China’s electricity supply, but Beijing is building the world’s biggest wind power project. Paradoxically, adding wind power also means adding new polluting coal-fired power stations in the short term.”

She adds, “So far, wind energy makes up just 0.4 percent of China’s electricity supply. However, Beijing is building the world’s biggest wind power project, although paradoxically, adding wind power in China also means adding new polluting coal-fired power stations.”

And, silly us … we thought industrial wind turbines would replace coal fired plants.   But, you see, in the province where the massive “Three Gorges on the Land” is being built, “new coal-fired power plants with 13.6 million kilowatts of installed capacity — the same amount of energy generated by Chile in 2009 — will be added by 2020. The need to add baseload coal-fired power plants has the effect of reducing the clean benefits of wind power.”

Well, for those promoting industrial wind as a replacement for fossil fuel that must be a bit hard to swallow, don’t you think?  Heck NO!  “the local economic planner, Wang Jianxin, chairman of the Jiuquan Development and Reform Commission, says adding more polluting coal-fired power plants is unavoidable if you want to be green.”

But what about the existing power plants that were supposed to be closed?  You mean to tell me that not only will they not be shut down, you’re going to need more?  C’mon!  You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?  “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. We’re trying to get the best benefit for the lowest cost. But nothing happens without a sacrifice, and this is a necessary cost,” Wang says.”

But what about spending a ton of money to alter the grid to accept the little burps the wind turbines put out when the wind happens to come along?  “Charlie McElwee, an energy and environmental lawyer based in Shanghai, says the modernization of the grid system won’t solve all the problems immediately.”

“There are still going to be issues with the intermittent nature of wind energy, and it’s going to take 15 years or so until the grid itself is in a position to handle these intermittent power sources without these coal-fired power sources built in the same vicinity,” he says.”

“Nonetheless, China is undergoing a green revolution, says Jonathan Woetzel of McKinsey, the consulting firm. He argues that having turbines blowing aimlessly in the wind isn’t necessarily wasted effort — if your intent is to build an industry.”

But I thought the intent was to reduce emissions, you know – green the planet, save the world –  with wind.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  “The intent of the government is also not only that these farms are built and operated, but also that the equipment itself is Chinese-made and the technology is developed in China, and that ultimately it becomes a global industry, and that China will become the exporters of wind technology to the world,” (Consultant Jonathan) Woetzel says.”

Darn, sometimes when you want the truth, you ask a kid … or someone who just doesn’t give a damn what you think!  When you’re powerful, you don’t have any need to make stuff up.

Read the entire story here.

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1 Response to Confucius say, “adding more polluting coal-fired power plants is unavoidable if you want to be green.”

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    So what has China and the world gained?

    The six principle requirements for commercial electricity generating sources are that:

    1. Does it provide large electricity? NO
    2. Is the energy source reliable and predictable? NO
    3. Does it provide dispatchable electricity? NO
    4. Does it serve one or more grid demand elements? NO
    5. Is the wind facility compact? NO
    6. Does it provide economical electricity? NO

    NO coal plants removed off line! Government pays for the production

    This is another industrial wind turbine, LLC public relations story, sounds too good to be true. Life will continue and the Western world will continue to be absorbed in buying material goods to satisfy their ‘believe’ needs.

    Practice voluntary simplicity!

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