Just in case you local town folk woke up today thinking you’re intelligent, this wind developer has news for you!

According to jetcat4445, the individual kind enough to post this little ditty to youtube, the gentleman speaking is John Calaway from Ecogen, an LLC involved in industrial wind.  I saw his name connected with Babcock and Brown, but hey with his charm he could be working anywhere.

Anyway, it seems Mr. Calaway is tired of dealing with the local flunkies who actually have the most to lose when his taxpayer subsidized tinker toys are plopped in their midst.  The following youtube clip shows him addressing the New York State PSC in an effort to remove these locals, who are obviously in over their heads and should just clam up, from the decision making process on issues that will impact their lives for decades to come.  He seems to think that it’s a burden on the locals to have to decide what’s best for them.  Yeah … me too!  I want my state government telling me what’s best for me.

I came away from watching this with a new definition for arrogance – John Calaway.  But then, I kinda like participating in my life.  How about you?

Enjoy the clip.  My favorite part starts about 2:40 in.  Send a comment if you care to, and let us know your favorite part.



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1 Response to Just in case you local town folk woke up today thinking you’re intelligent, this wind developer has news for you!

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    While it is amazing, econgen is investing millions and if you look at their web site, http://www.ecogen-energy.com/ what is missing is current information. Their information was updated January 2007. Perhaps Ecogen is spending all their money on court cases.

    Favorite parts…The local town officals…”it may above their ability to understand and comprehend….Gosh…may be the real meaning is it is above ecogen ability to understand and comprehend local rural communities do not want your industrialization.

    This is a case it is important to ‘think global but act local’…shows that people have a voice and belief to determine their future.

    Home rule worked for Alleghany County, Maryland, and it looks like US Wind Force received the message….but then again they will blame it on site certificates…but perhaps requiring a $150,000 deposit of each turbine to decommission may be the reason why the project will not move forward.

    This plea to remove local control is the same reason why Big Tobacco hates local clean indoor air ordinance. They cannot control the situation.

    Take it to the state capitol and eliminate local opposition and it is full stream ahead.




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