WV State Historic Preservation Officer thinks adverse effects of wind turbines on historic sites worth around $17.39/turbine/year. Wait! You can’t be serious?

Adverse Impact 72ppi

The West Virginia Division of Culture and History, not wanting to be accused of “close enough for government work,” calculated that each turbine would require an amount $434.7826086956521739130434… each, to mitigate the negative impact on the 18 historical sites in Mineral County, WV.  Coincidentally, this added up to $10,000 for the set.

But wait!  The fine for graffiti is what? Plus restitution?  C’mon Officer!  The turbines are a 25 year exposure.  The graffiti washes off.  You’re just kidding with us, aren’t you?

Here’s the agreement.

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1 Response to WV State Historic Preservation Officer thinks adverse effects of wind turbines on historic sites worth around $17.39/turbine/year. Wait! You can’t be serious?

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Wow….The same Susan Pierce that is willing to give away Mineral County…..for $10,000 but on September 21, 2009, is writing a letter the Virginia State Corporation Commission expressing concern for the Highland New Wind Development, LLC.

    Susan Pierce writes:

    “We are concerned about this possible failure because the proposed wind turbines will indirectly effect Camp Allegheny, listed since 1990 in the National Register of Historical Places for its national significance with the Western Virginia Campaign of the Civil War. Our letter dated March 31, 2006 to the SCC explained the significance of this resource physically located in West Virginia, yet historically connected to Virginia. Secondhand, my office has received information regarding the nature of the visual impact to this resource. If this visual simulation is correct, then the historical character of the landscape surrounding Camp Allegheny will change with the introduction of these wind turbines. Generally the applicant and the SHPO would consult regarding altering the number of wind turbines or their location to reduce the impacts to this historical resources. To our knowledge, insufficient discussion has taken place.”

    Let us see if we get this correct. In the case of the Pinnacle Knob Project, the WV SHPO does not have to deal with the Maryland because they do not care Pinnacle Project impacts Maryland historical properties. But the State of Virginia better pay attention to WEST (BY GOD) VIRGINIA because the Highland New Wind Project will impact West Virginia historical resources.

    This should be interesting backroom politics You have Senator Walt Helmick from Pocahontas County thinks these turbines are good idea. Yes, it was Senator Helmick who testified before the WV PSC saying he supported the Pinnacle Project. Yes Senator Walt, you do not represent Mineral County, but are willing to use your power to promote the Pinnacle Project because the state needs the tax money according to your testimony.

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