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Another case of the green chicken coming home to roost?

You just knew it had to come: “With just a 48-hour notice delivered by a personal phone call to Ms. Merkel on a Saturday, the CEO of E.ON, the largest German and European power producer, let it be known that … Continue reading

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Germany’s energy future – COAL???

If shutting down Germany’s nuclear plants were a joke, this would be the punchline – “that power can’t be made up with renewable energy from wind or solar as such sources are too intermittent to provide reliable, round-the-clock power, according … Continue reading

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Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for August 16, 2011

Items of interest: 1-Study Concludes: “Until scientifically based research has been conducted IWTs should not sited in proximity to human habitation.” – Wind Concerns Ontario 2-More from WCO:  “Wind turbines too noisy, internal Ontario government memo says.” And if you … Continue reading

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