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Invest teacher pension funds in Edison Mission Group? Seriously?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m no Charles Schwab, but I have a enough sense not to put my money in a company the parent company is considering giving the boot.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Take a … Continue reading

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The noise from these windmills is so great that it is impossible to live near them.

Mr. Richard Braithwaite, of Keyser, WV, is one of several families negatively impacted by the Pinnacle industrial wind project.  The project, owned by Edison Mission Energy, is located along a ridgeline on Green Mountain, above Keyser,WV.  The project is scheduled … Continue reading

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Music to my ears!

This is really interesting!  It comes from our good friends at EPAW (European Platform Against Windfarms). ———————————————————— Wind Power Horror Serenade Protest concert based on wind turbine sounds Copenhagen- December 9, 2011 This is a true story of an old … Continue reading

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“We don’t believe we mislead anyone.” – Chapter Two (or Three or Four)

Remember this post from a few days ago?  Wind developer canned response #283: “We don’t believe we mislead anyone.”  Well, the “didn’t mislead” comment came from none other than Dave Friend, CEO of US WindForce, the developers of the Pinnacle wind project … Continue reading

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Coal and wind energy – “It’s a mutual benefit type thing!”

Is it considered a Freudian slip when someone connected to the wind industry accidentally tells the truth about wind’s strange bedfellow arrangement with coal?  I’ll have to check with my analyst? Anyway, the title of the post came from Edison … Continue reading

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“I get confused sometimes. There’s an Edison Mission Group and Edison Mission Energy, and there’s a little bit of synonymous use of the two names.”

I’m very confused too, Mr. Friend.  In fact, what you said in the quote I used for this title is pretty much how I feel after reading an article by Richard Kerns in the (Keyser, WV) Mineral Daily News-Tribune last … Continue reading

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