Can you hear me now?

The most recent lawsuit against a Mineral County WV wind plant is sticking another fork into Edison VP Charley Parnell’s claim that installing louvers to eliminate turbine noise has “by all accounts … been a significant improvement.”

The WV Record reports that the new lawsuit brought by Gary and Amy Kalbaugh is “at least the 32nd lawsuit over the Pinnacle Wind farm near Keyser.”

According to the complaint, “This initial and continuing operation has unreasonably interfered with the use and enjoyment of Plaintiffs’ property along with unreasonably affecting the health and wellbeing of the Plaintiffs presently and believed to be on an ongoing basis.”

Seems the only thing quiet about the Pinnacle wind project might be the original developer – US WindForce LLC, which has since morphed into the Laural Renewable Partners LLC – the developer of the planned Dan’s Mountain wind project some 15 miles away in nearby Western Maryland.

Oh, I almost forgot about the cheer-leading officials who promoted Pinnacle as the new sliced bread … anyone heard from them lately?

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