“by all accounts” … well, sorta

Add one more to the list of Federal lawsuits against the Pinnacle wind plant above Keyser, WV.

According to The Republic, Ms. Anna Bell Saville has filed suit in federal court asking for an injunction to shut down the 23 massive turbines and seeking damages as a result of sound and vibrations which she claims are “so intense that they cause anxiety, tinnitus, and mental and emotional distress that often force her to leave home.”

Edison VP Charley Parnell, representing the owners of the wind plant, disagrees and stated that, “by all accounts, has been a significant improvement” since louvers intended to eliminate noise were installed last year.

Interesting!  When asked about similar allegations in 23 recent federal lawsuits brought by some 38 local citizens, a point not mentioned in the AP article, Mr. Parnell also used the “by all accounts” claim.

Makes you wonder who exactly Mr. Parnell is polling?

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3 Responses to “by all accounts” … well, sorta

  1. frankohara says:

    In case you missed the local paper, here is the story reported:
    Mr. Parnell says “by all accounts, has been a significant improvement” since louvers intended to eliminate noise were installed last year.

    How do you define significant noise improvement? Does a 5%, 10%, 20% or 50% equate to significant improvement?

    Why not have EME share in a public forum the pre – post-level noise study results, rather than reporting in the media significant in terms installing $500,000 mufflers. Money spent does not equate problem solved.

    The public should remember, August 2012, EME received $44 million dollars from the US Treasury. Theses dollars were for project subsidy construction and tax credits.

    Here is a better idea, file a copy of the post-construction noise measurement report with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia including pre- and post-construction measurement data and using the same report format as used for the pre-construction sound and land vibration study.

    EME knew fully these turbines were a health hazard. But they moved forward. Examine the PSC of WV testimony offered by their project acoustical engineer. Read the testimony, Pinnacle, October 2009.

    Attorney Auville (for the PSC of WV consumer representative)
    Q. In response to some question from Mr. Alsop, you said that you had expressed concerns to Pinnacle about those homes that were closest to the project because of noise. Those concerns have been alleviated because they’re now project participants; is that correct?
    Mr. Barnes:
    A. Yes.
    Attorney Auville
    Q. What would your recommendation have been had those homes decided not to become participants in the project?
    Mr. Barnes:
    A. I would have continued to have expressed my concern. It’d be more difficult to answer that question up here.

    The reality is according US Wind Force testimony of David Friend, only three homeowners were made partners regarding the noise. Yes, it would be difficult for Mr. Barnes, because the studies only reported the minimum.

  2. frankohara says:

    Many readers of AT do or may not fully understand the noise issues surrounding Pinnacle and other wind projects. Let me share an excellent video recently shared on by Acoustic Ecology. http://aeinews.org/archives/2442

    “TOO Close Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows”
    This video introduces you to those families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, flicker and adverse health effects of the Fairhaven Wind project. This is a powerful documentary that should be viewed by those who feel a calling to support their neighbors and those who have concerns about a “Wind Friendly” Board of Health opening Fairhaven’s doors to increased wind development. Louise Barteau took to the neighborhoods and spends time with those who have been directly impacted. You’ll hear the touching stories of these families in their own words. If you stand with us in helping, please share this page and show your support and compassion. Enjoy


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