Nebraska wind: When we said “fire up,” we didn’t really mean “fire up!”

October 17, 2012: Mercury News – “Central Nebraska wind farm to fire up soon

October 25, 2012: Yankton Press and Dakotan – “Wind Tower Fire Reported Near Crofton

And why does this matter to the folks on the Allegheny Front? – “The fire was located at the top of the wind tower, which is part of the newer section of towers in the area. High winds at the time sent some sparks flying, which briefly ignited some small grass fires.”

Unlike Nebraska, we don’t typically have “grass fires” in the mountain forests.

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5 Responses to Nebraska wind: When we said “fire up,” we didn’t really mean “fire up!”

  1. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    In case you missed the dedication of the Broken Bow community of 3,500. This is a 49 minute video, the only thing missing is the small chit-chat, shaking hands, eating cookies and drinking punch.
    The dedication ceremony was closed to the public and by invitation only.,
    EME President begins at 10 min
    Some Highlights:
    • 13:50 “not all states are created equal”…
    • 15:34, “the most important thing for EME…is safety, every minute of every day that is our priority. Nothing else matters, profit does not matter, commitment to safety goes to our communities…”
    • “If you ever have any safety or concerns please reach out to us…”
    • “I am truly honored for the turnout”

    Heck, they even grade a new road, after the contractor destroyed the wrong road.
    Laredo Wind Project is cited, but EME forgot to explain receiving their US Treasury check for $57,491,000.00 on July 5, 2011.
    Some more highlights is EME will be paying some $60 million dollars in taxes for their four Nebraska Wind Projects over the next 25 years. Edison Mission Energy is bragging their four projects will pay some $60 million dollars for four wind projects over 25 years.
    Did someone forget to do the math?

    Thank goodness the Governor recognizes Broken Bow wind project will reduce their dependence on foreign oil. (22:45) C’mon Governor … REALLY???

  2. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    In the United States, Edison Mission Energy claims to be the sixth largest wind producer, having 31 projects located in 11 states. Could we call it corporate irresponsibility, and lack of leadership, or just corporate welfare greed? Looks like some of the larger Wall Street are predicting EME will be filing for bankruptcy. Gee and I thought they had all this under control.

  3. Frank O"Hara says:

    Well the great moment has occured, EME is filingt for Bankruptcy Protection. Seems the Green Greed Monster arrived. On Dec. 17, 2012, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services lowered debt ratings on Edison Mission Energy ‘s unsecured notes due 2013 and 2016 to ‘D’ from ‘CCC-‘.

    Check out story in the Los Angles Times
    Edison Mission Energy, an unregulated power-generating unit of Edison International, said Monday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection and had agreed on a reorganization plan with its parent company and holders of its $3.7 billion in debt….,0,7586239.story

    Lets hope the folks atop Green Mountain will be able to make a claim…for the noise and loss of quality of life.

    We only have 19 more years before the project will be decommissioned. Any one want to take bets that Mineral County taxpayers (our children) will be paying for its removal?

  4. In case you missed the remains of the Edison Mission Energy Broken Bow Project…It appears the story is on going. Turbines near Broken Bow bring benefits — but not to neighbors dealing with their noise, size, ‘strobe effect’…be sure to read their story…’

  5. There is still more to the Broken Bow Project. Broken Bow II project was to be developed by Edison Mission Energy before they went bankrupt. EME sold their holdings to NRG…and here is where the story picks up. “No matter which way you look, you see them,” Dave Stunkel said, looking out his window. “And no matter which way the wind blows, I get the noise.”

    Some say it’s barely audible — like wind rushing through a pocket of cedar trees. Some call it a low murmur, like a dishwasher or distant traffic. Dave conceded the noise fluctuates, but at times, he said, “it’s just unbearable — like three or four jets going over at the same time.” In the winter, they said, the pitch changes, climbs higher; less a whoosh than a whine.

    And it’s not just the noise, the Stunkels said. It’s the flicker, too. In the spring and fall, every morning for weeks at a time, the turbines to the east cut through the sunrise and throw a “strobe effect” across their property. They shut the blinds. They pull the covers over their heads. At night, they do the same, blocking the red safety lights that blink until dawn. Be sure to read the story….sad but another tale of industrial wind development.

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