You’re kidding, right?

Delaware Senator Tom Carper takes “grasping at green straws” to a whole new level:


Then again, the Senator might be on to something.  Seems a similar technology already exists and, with a mere $500,000,000,000.00 grant from Energy Secretary Chu to “fine-tune” it …


Hey, here’s an idea!  We could get the wind power from the Chinese, the vehicles from Finland and have our Russian friends supply the batteries.  That way we can be sure that absolutely no US Taxpayer money actually stays in this country … uh … sorta like now!

h/t:  Watts Up With ThatPostal Service + Wind Farm + Electric Vehicles – What could possibly go wrong?

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1 Response to You’re kidding, right?

  1. frankohara says:

    Let us hope the windy idea will not blow the stamps off the envelopes. Here is an idea, why not raise the postal rates for delivery unwanted political junk mail to our homes in election years.

    Could it be that the Senator is promoting off shore wind for the Chesapeake Bay?
    Follow the money:

    “I would like to thank the American Wind Energy Association for recently endorsing a four year extension of not only the production tax credit for onshore wind, but also the investment tax credit for offshore wind,” said Sen. Carper, on February 10, 2012.

    “This legislation is essential to encourage the continued growth of this fledgling industry,” said Sen. Carper. “Guaranteeing these tax incentives for the first 3,000 MW will spur the industry to get these projects up and running, and encourage further development even in these challenging economic times. This support will allow companies like NRG Bluewater Wind to continue to invest in clean, stable wind energy off our nation’s shores in places like Delaware. Harnessing our nation’s offshore wind will give us reliable, clean energy; create good-paying American jobs in manufacturing and construction; and reduce harmful pollution that damages our lungs and impacts our climate.”

    Delaware voters are you sure; you voted him to represent your State? Wonderful speech, listen to the other Senators applause in the background.

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