Petition Pennsylvania to halt industrial wind in state forests.

An urgent message from our friends at SOAR – Save Our Allegheny Ridges:

Pennsylvania’s state forests should be managed for pure water, recreation, scenic beauty, plant and animal habitat, and sustainable timber.  Industrial wind turbine projects should not be constructed on state forest lands. While Gallitzin State Forest in Cambria and Somerset Counties does have areas that were mined, many trees have been planted to reclaim this damaged land.  Plant trees, not turbines!

The following petition is receiving signatures from residents of Pennsylvania and friends around the United States who agree that state forests must not be spoiled by industrial wind.

To sign this petition showing your support … click this link, or cut and paste in the address line of your browser:

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, please vote “NO” on SB 1425.  An industrial wind project should not be sited in Gallitzin State Forest.”

Thank you!

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1 Response to Petition Pennsylvania to halt industrial wind in state forests.

  1. frankohara says:

    Big Industrial Wind development represents a failed energy system. Remove the tax goodies, and this industry falls flat. Who pays for industrial wind?

    AES Armenia Mountain Wind, LLC received $69,460,892, February 26, 2010
    E.ON Climate & Renewable North America Inc. earned $33,918,368, on June 9, 2010.
    Krayn Wind, LLC received $42,204, 562 on September 1, 2009
    Locust Ridge II, LLC was awarded $59,162,064 on September 1, 2009.

    These four projects received a total of $204,745,886 dollars. Where is the investor risk, if the US Treasury 1603 grants will guarantee a 30% return? Inflated projects, supplied by foreign made turbines, with minimal economic development. Industrial wind is not reliable or predictable. These return tax goodies represent corporate welfare handout at the highest level. SAY NO!

    Excellent leadership..from Senator Eichelberger that opposes leasing state forest land. Speak up Pa.

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