Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 16, 2012

Items of interest:

1:”Why not wait until the public has a full understanding of the (wind) map and its significance?”

Why indeed?  Surprise: “Because, Oviatt said, those studies would take too long considering the looming tax credit expiration

A “worth your time” read by Lois Henry.

2:”Doug Duimering, project manager for Exelon Wind, said the group has not given up on Lenawee County, but because the contract with Consumers Energy states they would build wind turbines in 2012, the group is looking at other sites.” – The Daily Telegram

Yep!  Taxpayer handouts may well dry up at the end of 2012.  Gotta put the damned things somewhere … anywhere!

3:Massachusetts Citizen Group WindWise is having an impact!South Coast Today

Their efforts have the local paper wondering:

Why do two reports on ambient sound differ in their conclusions despite using the same data? Why did an Oct. 17 email sent by the president of Palmer Capital Corp. to Selectman Brian Bowcock’s secretary (obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by Windwise) discuss Executive Secretary Jeffrey Osuch’s efforts to “help with keeping a low profile on this project”? Why is the project moving with such alarming speed? Why are there apparent incongruities with the timing of the permit process? Why were other proposals not sought from other bidders as is required for most municipal projects? Why have people been turned away from advertised public meetings?

Good for them!

4:”It has laudable intentions to help the planet by providing clean, renewable energy instead of the fossil-fuel-based energy provided by PG&E. But the devil is in the details, and CleanPowerSF does not have very clean hands.”San Francisco Examiner

The article raises a question that should be asked repeatedly:  “If this program were as wonderful as it has been touted, it should sell itself and people should be required to opt in.”

5:On the Nuclear Energy side:

China, South Korea Affirm Commitment to Nuclear at Energy Summit


Saudi Arabia, China sign nuclear cooperation deal


China PM: Nuclear is “safe reliable, mature tech”

and how are we doing in the US?

U.S. energy secretary: $600M nuclear research facility at MSU in question

Consider this:  “(US Energy Secretary) Chu said in these tough economic times, the department has to make sure it can still afford such pricey projects.

So our very own Secretary Chu can toss some $535 Million at Solyndra, a failed private company, but hesitates to invest the same amount into research?  It is time for Secretary Chu to go!

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