Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 9, 2012

Items of interest:

1:The Allegheny Front Alliance sends us two articles of local interest:

By 2013, Western Md. could have more wind turbines – Times News

Edison VP responds to W.Va. noise complaints – Times News

(Glad to see industrial wind’s color commentator, Frank Maisano, is back in our news.  We missed you!)

2:”Lockard’s piece is a great PR effort, making three basic claims that would appeal to Fox readers: (1) Wind power can fuel job growth out of the recession. (2) Congress is threatening to abort this recovery by raising taxes on wind power. (3) If Congress would just mind its own business, the free market would support a massive expansion of wind power.  Unfortunately for Lockard, these claims are either very misleading or downright false.” – Institute for Energy Research

3:”The vast subsidies wind farms receive simply serve to make the rich even richer.”The Daily Mail

4:”A study in the Netherlands found that turning back-up gas power stations on and off to cover spells when there is little wind actually produces more carbon than a steady supply of energy from an efficient modern gas station.”The Telegraph

Accompanied, of course, by the industry’s typical retort: “Dr Gordon Edge, Director of policy at the lobby group RenewableUK, said much of the information was gathered from ‘anti-wind farm cranks’.”  Name calling is so much more effective than facts.

5:“It’s just not an economically viable technology without billions and billions in subsidies.”Washington Post

When politicians continue to push failed “green” technology on the backs of taxpayers, you begin to think it’s all about their own legacy.

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