Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 6, 2012

Items of interest:

1:”Edison Mission, the owners of the Pinnacle Wind Farm, has nothing to do with whether my family eats or has suitable housing, so there is no reason for me to tolerate the noise from the windmills.”News Tribune

2:In other words, industrial wind is great … except it sucks! – A Look at Some of the Obstacles Facing Wind Energy in the U.S.

3:A couple of Solar “not so good news” news items:

On-Grid Solar: An Industry in Plight (Government-dependence perils) – MasterResource


Solar Subsidy Cuts Sought by German Minister as Demand Slumps – Business Week

Note this comment in the Business Week article:  “(Germany’s Economy Minister Philipp)Roesler said the German energy overhaul will require investments in new gas- and coal-fired power plants …”

4:Motley Fool – Will Alternative Energy Ever Go Mainstream?

5:”Wind delivers record 12 per cent of UK electricity demand”GreenWiseBusiness

Now, before you get all tingly … this happened on December 28, 2011.  The rest of the month came in at a whopping 5.3%.  Plus, they have to go all the way back to September to tout the last milestone day, when it exceeded 10%.

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1 Response to Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for January 6, 2012

  1. WVHighlands says:

    Wind Deliovers a record 12 percent….Those same winds destroyed a industrial wind turbine worth over 2 million British Sterling pounds.
    Yep, here is another great spin by Big Industrial Wind.

    During December, Parts of Britain have been battered by stormy winds, which have closed schools, disrupted transport and prompted warnings for drivers to stay off the roads. Winds of 70mph-85mph hit the central belt of Scotland, leading police forces to tell motorists to stay at home. Actually wind that was so violent, the government asked for residents to stay at home. There is a cost to having such winds

    “A £2 million, 100 metre tall wind turbine catches fire in hurricane-force winds at Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. The wind turbine was spinning so fast it caught fire. The engine of the giant turbine went up in flames and its blades were blackened by smoke. The turbine was one of 15 set up on hills overlooking the Scottish coast, built to supply green electricity to 20,000 homes.” Link to the burning industrial wind turbines.

    With one turbine destroyed, 1,333 customers received no electrical energy.
    The reality is 20,000 customers lost their electrical power. No wind operator will permit wind turbines to operate under serve weather / wind conditions.
    Take a pig’s ear and turn it into a silk purse. Sell the story to the public, that wind is works miracles. This is another case demonstrating how Big Industrial Wind is unreliable and not predictable.

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