Sure, wind turbines make people sick … but not all that many. Wait … What?

The Canadian Wind Energy Association just opened the “health impact” door.  One might wonder now if the American Wind Energy Association will now be forced to walk through it?

Wind Concerns Ontario – News Release

October 17/2011-In a dramatic reversal of its long-held position on the risks to human health of industrial wind turbines, the Canadian Wind Energy Association affirmed late last week through a public statement on their website that some number of people will become sick due to industrial wind developments. CanWEA stated that “a small percentage” of those living next to industrial wind developments will become sick.

“The majority of Walkerton residents did not become sick due to tainted water. The majority of Ontario school children are not allergic to peanuts. However, in both cases the Ontario Government has taken swift action to protect human health” commented Wind Concerns Ontario Chair, Ian Hanna.

CanWEA’s recent statements suggest that some level of harm to human health, or collateral damage, resulting from industrial wind developments is acceptable.

“Given this sudden change acknowledging harm to human health caused by industrial wind turbines, CanWEA owes the people of Ontario a straight answer”, added Hanna. He then asked, “How many sick people are too many? How many Ontario families need to suffer before it’s time to support full independent studies into the impacts of utility scale wind turbines on human health?”

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