If there’s an award given for the most intellectually insulting commercial, this gem from Emerson would certainly be in the running.

I posted the video some time ago and hadn’t seen it on TV for a while.  I thought perhaps the folks at Emerson realized how ludicrous it is to show plants thriving, on coal no less, as a result of their efforts to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air.

Nope!  There it was again this morning, proving that companies like Emerson aren’t going to let a little science get in the way of emotional hype.  Green sells, don’t you know … no matter how silly the premise.

Come on, Emerson!  It’s not like the ongoing Global Warming debate doesn’t have enough lunacy surrounding it.

Besides, exactly how stupid do these companies think we are?  Wait … don’t answer that!

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1 Response to It’s BAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  1. Green Stupid:
    Here is more green stupid, 32 seconds time wasted watching this video.
    Plants thriving on coal, that sounds as good as Wind Made Products:
    Here is more green stupid, Wal Mart should place 20% of their made in China products on sailing ships.
    Require 20% of all commercial airlines to change their fleet to wind gliders.

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