Politics over science … does the security of the nation matter?

A must read by Lisa Linowes at MasterResource:

Wind Energy and Radar: A National Security Issue

We at AT discussed the hostage politics of the Oregon wind deal in this post from May, 2010:  Defense Secretary Gates: “homeland security concerns shouldn’t thwart home-grown renewable energy”

What these shenanigans demonstrate is that political influence continues to trump science, even if the security of the nation is jeopardized.  Ms. Linowes expressed these very security concerns to Senators and Representatives months ago.  Whether they will finally take the issue seriously, is the question you should be asking your congressional representatives.

Make the call!  Contacts info: US SenateUS House of Representatives

Please review John Droz Jr’s important presentation Electrical Energy: Sound Scientific Solutions which speaks specifically to the issue of “Our Energy Policy: From Science, or Lobbyists.

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