Bats in the belfry? We’ve got the answer.

From WWLTV:  Bat removal at McDonogh (New Orleans High School) 35 hampered by ‘endangered species’ designation.

Sure bats are endangered species and, according to the Endangered Species Act, cannot be harmed.  So what’s the school to do?

Aha!  Ever at your service, we at Allegheny Treasures have the solution … install a wind turbine?

Don’t laugh, it’s perfect.  The government will pick up the tab for the whole thing.  The school will receive accolades for saving the planet and make a fortune selling renewable energy credits and the bats will get whacked as they try to pass through the blades.  I mean … how cool is that?

And, I know what you’re thinking, but not to worry … the US Fish and Wildlife Service is toothless when it comes to wind turbines.  Most state agencies will look the other way, especially since their lawmakers have established goals for installing wind and solar.  Heck!  Take a look at Western Maryland and West Virginia … they don’t bother with all that incidental take permit nonsense and they’re progressing along just fine.  Some just drag their feet until the project is running and others, like US WindForce will tell you outright they don’t care … and that’s after both the Fish and Wildlife folks and the WV Department of Natural Resources indicated there was cause for alarm.  Seems the only way to get their attention is to take them to court, and who wants to bother with that.

So, let ‘er rip, kiddies!  It’s all good.

Oh … what to do about the electricity?  Not to worry, you don’t even have to produce any, you get the money anyway.  And besides, it won’t happen all that often that anyone would notice.

See?  Just as promised – a win-win all around!

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