“Enron’s Legacy” – Jon Boone

We thank Jon Boone for granting permission to publish his recent Letter to the Editor:


A decade after Enron’s meltdown, its legacy dominates the landscape, with government doling out massive subsides and mandates for dysfunctional technologies in the name of climate jihad. Government is no longer a dispassionate arbiter of truth and keeper of level playing fields, evidently captured by the forces of Enronesque corporate kleptocracy. The situation goes beyond rent seeking, since it fraudulently promises what it cannot deliver. It’s made possible because cynicism exploits acute gullibility.

With Manichean panache, millions now believe, falsely, that wind technology will lead the hosts of renewable energy as they battle a vulgar empire narcotized and exploited by multinational corporations in thrall to fossil fuels, literally lighting the postmodern world with premodern power.

The subprime derivative scams depended upon arcane Wall Street market knowledge and an uninformed sense of underlying assets. Today, even fewer know electricity production; those who do profit by hiding wind performance “assets” from public scrutiny. Given the distress caused by the mortgage debacles, why not a call-to-arms about the potential fallout that must flow from subprime wind technology, an additive energy source that can’t produce modern power and has no effective capacity?

Maryland’s bipartisan rush to the bottom for wind in the mountains and offshore, highlighted by a legislative agenda requiring “power” purchase agreements that would substantially raise consumer bills, does Ken Lay proud.

And for a president who in his inaugural address challenged the nation to put away childish things, Mr. Obama’s prattle for wind shows he’s not ready to leave the nursery.

Jon Boone
Oakland, MD

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3 Responses to “Enron’s Legacy” – Jon Boone

  1. I agree that wind-solar is not the answer to our energy problems, however in order to stay in business and provide gainfull employment for my crews and long term security for their families, I must, as a contractor continue providing services to wind-solar developers. Doing something is better than doing nothing, therefore wind-solar, as with clean coal energy is it until more funds are allocated to the research of alternative sources. Yes, Wind-Solar might be the new guy on the energy block and today’s buzz word, but energy produced from coal has been our nations security blanket, we will “NEVER” live without coal-“NEVER”. In closing, I’ll continue to provide contracting services until our present economy provides a better payment plan. It’s not about diversed energy sources, it’s all about money, from the top down, only I work for my share. Gary Ogden CEO Micro Service Group

  2. Allegheny Front Alliance says:

    Excellent, Mr. Boone, describes this pitiful and sad situation.

    Recognize that Industrial Wind Turbines energy is unpredictable and unreliable, and at best are less than 30% efficient.

    The American Wind Energy Association continues to live off the consumer and taxpayers seeking free tax goodies packages, marketing fear messages of oil dependency, and branding their product as green. Recognize industrial wind has not removed one coal-fired plant from the energy chain.

    Big Industrial Wind is a magic show of smoke and mirrors. Elected officials, consumers, taxpayers, and environmentalists stand in awe as Big Industrial Wind promotes and markets their product.

    Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley recently stated at a Cumberland PACE meeting in Cumberland, “Maryland also needs to continue harvesting wind energy in a responsible way.” “No state is better prepared or located as we turn into the new economy.”

    This new economy represents more guarantee subsidies for the Big Wind and higher electrical bills for a inefficient and overpriced product.

    Examine this new economy:
    Maryland changed its industrial wind turbine-siting requirement to avoid conducting wildlife studies. It offers a free pass for reckless environmental damage. The Constellation Wind Project is now going to Federal Court because they refuse to secure an incidental take permit. Thank you SAVE Western Maryland.

    In September 2010, US Wind Force, LLC ((www.uswindforce.com) and the State of Maryland executed a 20 year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), for the proposed Pinnacle Project located in West Virginia. Under the terms of the agreements, the University of Maryland and the Department of General Services will purchase 33% and 67% respectively of the project’s output.

    Dave Friend, US Wind Force and CEO, said, “It is rewarding to know the public recognizes the benefits of wind energy. The State of Maryland has demonstrated this by believing in this project and by agreeing to use the power as part of its energy mix. We appreciate the role they are playing in this project.”

    You can bet that US Wind Force apprecaite their role, its worth Big Bucks.

    Large financial investors and markets are loosing confidence in the promises that Big Industrial Wind offers. Investors now recognize wind energy needs power purchase agreements, transmission connections and a believing public.

    Again, Big Wind seeks favorable public service commission rulings, to approve wind projects, build new transmission lines, support grid infrastructures,. It uses promises of economic development. That is really the new economy.

    State of Maryland is limited in the number of PPA it can make. Therefore, Big Wind now is marketing its product to require all electrical suppliers to purchase renewable energy (wind) from wind projects. Big Wind has a captive and subsided market. The consumer is required to purchase expensive wind. . The policy is dependent on taxpayer’s dollars.

    Supporting and selling wind power, with promises of air power reductions represents nothing more than selling snake oil.

    Learn to follow the money Big Industrial Wind is tossing out; you will likely find questionable individuals holding big sacks of tax payers money

    Big Industrial Wind Projects are not a solution.

  3. The BBC (Beagle Blog Cartoons) view, on these important matters. Viewed from a position very close to the ground…..


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