“As The Bull Flies!”

Readers may have noticed a gap in posts over the last week or so.  I was off helping my daughter move into a new home and internet access was very limited.  A funny thing about being out of touch … I didn’t miss the daily posting routine at all.  It was nice not being reminded daily that my community is being duped.

It’s not that I didn’t have occasion to think about the absurdity of industrial wind.  But it was more from the absence of it.  You see, my daughter’s new home is heated by natural gas and, some 10 miles in the distance, I could see the steam clouds rising behind the mountains from the cooling tower of Three Mile Island.  Yes, that TMI!  The very same TMI which has been producing safe, clean, reliable, efficient on-demand electricity to citizens for dozens of years!  Clean natural gas and nuclear power … the real “green energy” dynamic duo.

Anyway, as I’m working my way through news alerts, emails and spam to catch up to the events of the last week, I find that, true to form, the industrial wind shenanigans did not take a holiday.

Admittedly, I only had time to scan, but the local press reports certainly have the making of an upcoming episode for our local soap opera, “As the Bull Flies!”  The trailer for the episode almost writes itself:

Tune in folks, as one of our favorite characters, Frank Maisano, rehashes the “benefits” of the proposed Pinnacle wind installation, none of which, of course, have anything to do with electricity production.  Visit Mr. Maisano’s protected perch, some 170 miles away from the potential site of Mineral County’s authorized environmental disaster, as he chastises a local resident for speaking negatively of industrial wind, Mr. Maisano’s primary source of income.

Travel with us to yesteryear as it is revealed, for the first time, that the Framers actually constructed the much revered Bill of Rights utilizing an ancient wind farm escrow agreement as the model.

Be amazed as US WindForce’s David Friend convinces the County Commission that his statement to the Mineral Daily News Tribune that the PSC required escrow agreement, (intended to protect the public some 20 years from now), “will direct that sufficient funds to cover the cost of decommissioning be placed into an escrow account” and  “this amount could be in the form of cash or other financial instrument such as a letter of credit or parent guarantee” is not in conflict with his statement to the Advisory Committee that “the net scrap value of the 23 wind turbines to be constructed on Green Mountain should exceed the cost of dismantling the entire wind farm, thus making the provision for an escrow bond unnecessary.

Join me in hand-wringing suspense as we perhaps learn the identity of the secret benefactor who will step in to actually dismantle and remove the turbines many years from now if, as described by Mr. Friend, the “project company abandons this $131 million project” and the “property owners” also fail to take action, “The county is not required – under any circumstance – to decommission the project.

Watch the excitement build as our secret hero learns that, under the scenario painted by Mr. Friend which suggests the required escrow account perhaps not be funded, the $2.7 million expense related to dismantling and transport, the term of which Mr. Friend noted would be 18 months to 2 years, must be incurred prior to recovery from the sale of the scrap in order to make a $35,000 “profit.”

Laugh out loud as representative after representative from G.L. Garrad Hassan, the consultant firm recommended by US WindForce and accepted without question by the Mineral County Commission to prepare the “detailed” decommission study required by the WV PSC to protect our future citizens, try to find Mineral County WV on a map.

Stand in awe as US WindForce, having already recently admitted they will have nothing to do with design, procurement, construction, operation or dismantling of the Pinnacle project once they sell the permit approval to the future buyer, actually convinces our mesmerized community leaders that they should not entertain any serious questions about the project and should just, well, trust them.

Wow!  I can hardly wait!

Hey, come to think of it … if we go back just a little, we could probably gather enough material for a mini-series – “Industrial wind … optimism just isn’t enough.”

What do you folks think?

AT Notes:  Your comments are encouraged and will be posted, whether you agree or disagree.  Please also alert me to any errors, omissions or broken links via the comment section.

Thanks for coming by!

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2 Responses to “As The Bull Flies!”

  1. jon Boone says:

    Bulls-eye, Mike. The odor of mendacity wafting up and over the West Virginia hills on the issue of wind decommissioning (yet another of those oxymoronic wind terms) defies rational reporting. I mean, it’s so incredibly silly and juvenile that adults should be shaking their heads. Is there any adult supervision here?

  2. Kolin Jan says:

    To answer Jon’s question, one has to appreciate that the current Commission President thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe’s reincarnation….I’m not making this up and I’m not joking….she said that to me years ago when I first met her. Visit her Facebook page and see what photo she has in her profile. The real tragedy here is that the folks in Mineral are stupid enough to elect (and re-elect her). Truth, at times, can be stranger than fiction.

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