Open letter to Senator Joe Manchin on renewable energy cash grant extensions.

AT NoteThe following was sent today to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s via his email link.  Senator Manchi’s web page notes that he is opposed to Ethanol subsidies:  Letter to Sen. Harry Reid Expresses Opposition to Preferential Pricing Support by the Federal Government for Ethanol

The purpose of this letter is to reinforce that this opposition must extend to all renewable and requesting that he stand firm in his opposition.

December 10, 2010

Senator Manchin,

As you must be keenly aware, you have already begun your 2012 re-election campaign to serve a full term in the US Senate.

And, unlike your recent service as Governor, during the next several months you will be called upon to make extremely important decisions that will impact both your home state and the United States.  There is no time for moving cautiously on critical legislation, as this country is at an economic tipping point.

On Monday at 3 pm you will be asked to participate in the cloture vote for the tax bill.  Included in this bill, as part of the sausage making that is our government process, is an amendment to extend grants for ethanol and other renewable energy products including wind and solar.

We cannot afford to continue to support these corporate welfare programs and you must vote no on the tax bill if this amendment is not removed.  Even in the best of economic times it made no sense to support these failed products.  Ethanol, wind and solar have failed miserably on all fronts, except to make a few corporations and individuals wealthy at the expense of the taxpayer.

You will recall just a few short weeks ago that you won the confidence of the people of West Virginia by a much narrower margin than your popularity as Governor would have suggested.  One of the main reasons for that narrow victory is that many in your home state are concerned that you will stand firm in protecting the assets of your fellow citizens against the abusive and unnecessary federal give-away programs, a prime example of which is the free spending of taxpayer money on high cost and dismally performing renewables.

Perhaps it seems unfair that you are required to hit the ground running and that we expect so much of you so soon.  Unfortunately, you sought the job and won it, and now you are being judged on your performance.

There are already plans to unseat you in your bid to return and a vote to toss hard earned taxpayer money after the illusion of “green” and “free” energy sources will not serve you well.

We understand that, as a freshman Senator, you will be pressured to vote to extend these hand-outs.  Interestingly, I note that the two California Senators have stated they will support no tax bill unless it includes the extension for renewables.  Of course, their bankrupt state will benefit greatly by any federal program designed to take money from those performing well.  I happily note that your leadership as Governor has the State of WV general revenue fund $121 Million in the black.

It was this excellent performance that endears you to the citizens of this state.  Now that you’ve taken on a national role, we continue to expect you to take a firm stand on fiscal issues.  Like it or not, you will be measured by your willingness to do so.  Please vote no on any bill which extends renewable energy gifts.  We, your constituents, can’t afford for you to vote in favor of extension.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael C. Morgan

Keyser, WV

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