Stop the Baucus efforts to extend the 1603 renewable handout!

Senator Max Baucus, (D-MT) has vowed to see the 1603 cash grant (corporate welfare) program extended for renewable energy.

His amendment 4727 to extend the program until December 2011 failed on December 4th, but it’s safe to assume that he’ll try again, especially with the last minute lame duck wheeling and dealing going on in D.C.

The question now becomes if his amendment will be allowed to proceed WITHOUT AN IDENTIFIED FUNDING SOURCE TO COVER THE HANDOUT.

The roll call on the failed Baucus amendment can be found at this link, and also provided as a screen cap for your convenience here:

Allegheny Treasures sends its thanks to Senator Joe Manchin for voting Nay on this important issue.  We strongly encourage Senator Jay Rockefeller to rethink his priorities, and insure his position represents the interest of his home state.

See where your Senator stood on this issue and, if voting NAY to deny the extension, contact them to thank them and encourage continued resistance to this wasteful spending.

If your Senator didn’t even bother to cast a vote, contact them to educate them about how critical this issue is to the US economy and the future of energy.

If your Senator voted YEA to extend this corporate gift, contact them to demand they NOT support extension of the cash grant program.

Find your Senator’s contact information at this link.

(Thanks to Lisa Linowes of the Industrial Wind Action Group)

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