Whooping Crane said to be at risk due to proposed Kansas wind farm

From our friends Maxine and Ed Wehling of Nebraska:

British Petroleum wants to scar Kansas with more turbines, right in the endangered Whooping Crane migration corridor.  BP has falsified environmental impact studies, and ignored Wildlife Agency recommendations in the past in other mid-western states.  Please feel free to view this article, and comment on your insights and experiences.

Please make time to assist these good folks in their battle against the encroachment of industrial wind and the destruction it brings to the habitat of our fragile wildlife.  We are all, sooner or later, going to feel the ravages of this inefficient and costly technology unless we band together.  Contact your members of Congress and tell them to stop throwing hard earned taxpayer money at this green energy impostor.

The article to which the Wehlings refer is here, for your convenience:  Meetings will address wind farm possibility

(Thanks to Frank O’Hara – Allegheny Front Alliance)


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